I’ve been testing quite a few of SIP adapters and I find that Linksys PAP2 is quite good. When Linksys PAP2 first came out back in 2004, it cost around RM450. However, a quick check at the latest price it’s now cost only RM280 per adaptor.

In this post, I will describe how to first time install the PAP2. Installation includes the assigning of IP address, Subnet, Gateway and eventually accessing the adapter’s Web-based config page. I will also use Windows XP as connecting OS.

Getting the network information.

Get to any working computer that is connected to the internet connection. Click to Start button and select Run.


Type cmd in the Run dialog.


A new window will popup. From there type in ipconfig /all.


A list of important information will be shown. Collect the values starting from IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway and DNS Server.


Write down these values to a piece of paper.

We now try to find any free IP address in the network.

First, change only the last digit in the IP address value above to 223.
So, for the example above the IP address ( would be

Go back to the cmdwindow and type in ping If the result is
Request timed out, meaning it’s available for our Linksys adaptor usage.


But, if the result has a positive feedback, then repeat the ping process by increase the number one value up from 223 until to a number where it gives Request timed out.

Above is the example of positive ping.

Configuring the Linksys adaptor through phone interactive.

Plug in the Linksys adaptor and turn it on. Connect a phone to the Phone 1 slot.


Connect an internet cable to Ethernet slot.


Pick up the phone and start dialing **** (Four Star) to get into the configuration menu.

For every action, please wait until the voice finish its sentence before dial any configuration number.

Do as follow:-

a. Dial 101# follow with 0# and finally 1.

b. Dial 111# follow with the IP Address that we already changed earlier. Hence, dial 192*168*1*223# and finally 1.

c. Dial 121# follow with the Subnet Mask that we acquired earlier. Therefore, dial 255*255*255*0# and finally 1.

d. Dial 131# follow with the Default Gateway that we acquired earlier. In this example, dial 192*168*1*1# and finally 1.

We now move on to the configuration via web-based.

Continuing with web-based configuration.

Click to Start and select Run again. In the Run dialog, type in the IP address (depends on what IP address you have changed).


You will now see an Internet Explorer has connected to the adaptor. Click to Admin Login


Next, click to System.

Here, you need to put the DNS Server acquired earlier into the Primary and Secondary DNS field. So, we put at first field and on the second.


Remember to save, Click to Save Settings.


That’s it. Your PAP2 is now connected to the internet. What you should do next is to configure a SIP server destination into the PAP2. Go to the Line 1 on the top menu and fill everything accordingly.

Good luck.

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