My wedding photos were taken in Penang by a bridal shop called Kuang Yee. It was recommended by my mother in law after her God mother’s son had taken at the same shop.

Since my wife and I are staying in KL, therefore we only have the chance to take the photos during weekend. So, we went to Penang on Saturday, took our pictures on the very next day and on the same day we shoot back to KL. The photo shots were done in just a day.

Personally, I think that it isn’t a very good idea to have the wedding photos taken far from where you are staying. It’s just plain hassle to preview the pictures before they are being finalized and printed. That ends up to our pictures and video looked like was being done in a hurry without any fancy requests.

If you are wondering, I had these from Kuang Yee:

  • 15″ Album half design & half full page
  • 12″ Album full design
  • 8 VIP Photo shoot dresses — unlike in KL, at Penang they still have the VIP and Non-VIP dresses
  • 3 Wedding day dresses
  • 2 Table top frames
  • 1 Wall hanged frame
  • Indoor and outdoor photo shoot
  • 30-piece softcopy — practically useless because resized to only 3R printing or for email
  • Car decoration
  • Bouquet and flowers
  • Makeup during wedding day

All that for RM3500. Expensive? Cheap? You decide.

More wedding photos can be seen at