UPDATE: This PDA is taken and no longer available for purchase. Thanks everyone for viewing.

Few months ago, I joined a contest offered by Time dot Net and won a HP iPAQ hx2700. But, I myself already owned a O2 PDA/Phone.

So, I’m thinking to sell off this PDA because I really don’t use it. This is brand new HP iPAQ, never been used before.

The seal is still nicely attached before I open it for gentle inspection and photo shoots. I’m very lousy when it comes at photography. The images aren’t very nice. :(

Seal nicely intact

:lol: WHY SHOULD I GET THIS? You can surf the internet anywhere using Wifi with this PDA :lol:

This is after the box had just being opened.

Opened Box Pda

:lol: WHY SHOULD I GET THIS? You can use Skype and call friends for free with this PDA :lol:

Original Microsoft Windows Mobile Certificate. I blurred some of the cert number.

Original MS Mobile

:lol: WHY SHOULD I GET THIS? You can listen MP3 or internet radio with this PDA :lol:

Its accessories, inclusive of Pda Dock, Battery, a converter and a rubber holder. Unsure of what does the rubber holder and the converter would do. Hafta look at the manual.

The accessories

:lol: WHY SHOULD I GET THIS? You can download and tranfer ringtones to your phones. Some more, your private files can be locked. Access only with you thumb print scan with this PDA :lol:

Main Unit — HP Ipaq hx2700

HP Ipaq hx2700

:lol: WHY SHOULD I GET THIS? If you are a guy, gals will notice you because you have awesome gadget. If you are a girl, all guys will say you are very cool person. Where can find chicks with PDA.. very unique lar.. :lol:

Dock, Battery, Main Unit. The battery is also new and never been used.

Dock, Battery, Main Unit

:lol: WHY SHOULD I GET THIS? You can send/read email, organize your time much more efficient and faster with this PDA! :lol:

Everything included in the box.

Everything included in the box

:lol: WHY SHOULD I GET THIS? You can Download/Stream Internet Porno and immediately watch it with this PDA — harharharhar :twisted:

That’s all folks.

That's all folks

:D Bonus! Bonus! :D

On top of that, I’ll also be throwing a new 1 Gigabytes SanDisk Memory card to be used with the iPAQ. AND together with a Motorola Bluetooth Headset. :shock:

Bonus! Bonus

So how, nice o not? See HP iPAQ hx2700 detailed specification here. As for warranty, it’s still under HP coverage and the info is located inside the box. You can also, in fact, extend the warranty if preferred. Everything can be done at HP’s website.

I’m letting this go for RM1299. The last time I checked at Low Yat, this one piece kewl gadget cost around RM2000. At HP website, online price tag is USD499 which translates to RM1900.

Email me at ipaq@fendy.org if you are interested. Or just leave a comment in the box below.

p/s Serious buyer only lah. I won’t open the box anymore for anyone to ‘look see look see’. Unless you have already confirm to purchase it.